About GridIron Belles: A Guide to Saturdays in Dixie

Considered to be a travel guide through the stadiums and tailgates of the South, Gridiron Belles provides every Southern Belle with the must-knows for becoming a Gridiron Belle. Whether you have yet to develop a team allegiance, you revel in polishing the silver before kickoff, or you call pass interference before the official does, this guide to the South’s most lively tradition is a must-read….



Author Christie Leigh covers the basics of football in a way that women can relate to and men can appreciate. Consider this a romance novel, a fashion guide, an etiquette handbook, an advice column, and a rulebook all rolled into one pretty package. Your pre-season prep is simply not complete without this Guide to Saturdays in Dixie.

You’ll be asking for more gamedays in the fall and you’ll be adding your team’s rival games to your bucket list. The rest of the country calls it football season. Down here in Dixie, we call it heaven. And when we die, we are going to an SEC stadium where every day is gameday. As Hank used to sing, “If heaven ain’t a lot like Dixie, I don’t want to go.”

  • Could You Ever Date a Girl Who Doesn't Understand Football?

    "Yes, but she would have to understand that for September, October, and November, I'm somewhat preoccupied." -R.A. Vanderbilt

  • What will you teach your daughters?

    "Those who tailgate together, stay together…" -Alex Bray, Georgia

  • Where are the prettiest Belles in Dixie?

    "I haven’t been to a Southeastern city yet that didn’t have more than its fair share of lovely ladies. There’s a reason they call the South “God’s Country.” -Warren Kroges, Tennessee

  • What will you teach your daughters about football?

    "Football is a religion in the South, Friday through Sunday, with the only break being for church Sunday morning. -Olin Arnold, Georgia

  • Sexiest Thing a Belle Can Wear to a Football game?

    "Anything she wants, as long as it’s not so fashionable that it’s painfully slow for walking to and from the tailgate and game!" -Ralls Rinch, Auburn