• Belles In Biz: Maddy Glab: The Sideline Belle of The VOLS

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    When the “Belles In Biz” weekly feature began, I knew there were some pretty talented and successful women out there who deserved to be applauded and congratulated on their achievements. Maddy Glab of the Tennessee Volunteer athletics broadcasting team is no exception to the rule.  Maddy is an inspiration to all women involved with sports, or simply just a fan of any game.  Maddy, you make this Gridiron Belle proud and quite frankly, your achievements help get me out of bed in the morning!  Read on to be inspired by this Belle in Biz, we certainly were. Keep up the great work, Maddy!

    Name: Maddy Glab

    SEC Team: Tennessee Volunteers       

    Graduated from: Mizzou

    Name of Your Title: (University of Tennessee Athletics Broadcasting) VFL Films Multimedia Producer/On-Air Talent

    How did you get your start?

    My dad says I had an interest in sports before I could walk— and zero interest in dolls, barbies or the color pink. My apparel preference was T-shirts and gym shorts which was fitting for a girl with a dream of being the first female to play in the MLB. When that didn’t work out, my second best idea was to find a way to talk about sports for a living by being a sports broadcaster. I decided to go to Mizzou for their revered journalism school. I got involved at KOMU 8-TV, the NBC affiliate station in Columbia, Mo and started anchoring sports during my sophomore year. The rest was history.

    After I graduated, I moved to Palo Alto, CA for a job with Stanford as a producer for Cardinal Channel within their athletics department. After a year in California I got home sick for the SEC and here I am now with the most amazing job I could dream of!

    So tell us, what exactly is your role?

    My role breaks down to a little bit of everything. I – along with an amazing team at VFL Films – shoot, write, edit for all different features, segments, stories, interviews, highlights, etc. dealing with Tennessee athletics/Tennessee athletics alums (VFLs).

    I also serve as the on-air talent for Tennessee athletics – you may see me on-camera conducting one-on- one interviews, anchoring highlights and hosting. On top of that, I am the sideline reporter for SEC Network digital plus (aired on the internet) / linear games (aired on TV) for sports like women’s soccer, volleyball, and basketball. It makes for a busy life.

    Most challenging part of your job?

    Every day is a challenge to make something creative and pleasing to everyone who’s watching whether they are sports fans or not.

    Most rewarding? Getting to be a part of all the action through the games I get to cover, the interviews I get to do, the people I get to meet.

    What is the difference in football atmospheres between Mizzou and Tennessee?

    Tennessee has the history and rich traditions that give you chills.  In Knoxville, football is a way of life and I’m in awe of the fan base they have. The sports fan that I am, I feel like I’m with my people here.

    Mizzou is still trying to prove itself, but that works for Mizzou, they love that chip on their shoulder. The Tigers are the new dogs in the SEC and are doing a great job of assimilating to the SEC culture. Both atmospheres are similar this year by both trying to prove themselves. 

    What have you learned about the behind the scenes of the gridiron since you’ve been there?

    I am in awe of how hard Tennessee football works to put their program together and in a respectable way that is noticed around the country. From the coaches to the players; from the training staff to the department, they work their butts of day in and day out. It definitely makes me proud to work at UT.

    Greatest part of being on the media team?

    I think the greatest part is getting to be a part of the team. We are One Tennessee, everyone wants to be a part of something great.

    What is one thing you cannot survive without in your career?

    I can’t live without my pen and legal notepad. I’m a note taker, whether it’s writing down a catchy line that pops into my head for my next story or writing down a statistic. I’ve got to have them near me at all times. 

    What’s next?

    I want to be in this business until I retire. Well, when I retire I want to work at Wrigley Field and direct people to their seats. I hope to be with Tennessee for a good amount of time. I want my next step to be big – so in my eyes that’s working for an NFL team or at a network station as on-air talent/producer.

    Work-life balance, fact or fiction?

    FICTION. In this business it’s impossible to leave work at work. It’s hard for me to take my work hat off once I’m home. I’m always thinking of new story ideas.

    Career advice to other Belles?

    Don’t take no for an answer. There is always a way around a “no” for women to break into this business. Keep grinding, don’t ever give up and study up! Know your facts and teams so you’re able to talk the talk. Give women in sports a good name!

    Favorite part about being a SPORTS fan. I love sports. My passion for sports could light this world on fire. Sports bring people together, sports tell amazing stories, sports are our weekends. Sports make us smile, laugh, and cry. Sports will be here till the end of time.

    Favorite tailgating snack? Fiesta ranch dip – so amazing. Fiesta ranch dip seasoning packet (can find at walmart/chain grocery stores), tub of sour cream, chopped black olives, chopped green chilies, bag of cheddar cheese. Mix. Serve with tortilla chips. I could eat a whole bowl.

    Game day drink of choice?   Since I work on game days my drinks  – coffee and water. I need coffee to wake me up every day. Gotta have that water to keep you hydrated through a hot Saturday in September!

    Coach Crush?

    No crush. I’m in this industry to cover sports, not have crushes.

    To keep up with the VOLS and everything this Gridiron Belle is getting into, follow Maddy here:  Website, Twitter, Insta