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  • First Half Not Necessary

    Sep 10, 2010 CATEGORIES: Auburn, Clemson

    Where was Auburn the first half?

    As the Auburn Tigers were making their anticipated comeback during Saturday’s non-conference game against the Clemson Tigers, I was asked several times where all of the skill, intensity and determination to win was during the first half. Why has Auburn gotten comfortable being a second half team?

    Especially during a home night game…

    Why did Cam Newton save his big plays for the 3rd and 4th quarters? How was Dyer able to get through the holes only in the second half?

    While the Tigers (Auburn Tigers that is) had me hanging my head low during the first half and then clawing my own legs while anxiously watching on the edge of my seat, the answer is simple.

    Why play four quarters when all the Tigers need is two?