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  • One Nation, One Flag

    Jul 31, 2015 CATEGORIES: Gridiron Belles: A Guide to Saturdays in Dixie, Ole Miss, Ole Miss Football, SEC, SEC Football, Southern Football


    *Photo Credit, CNN “Best College Football Stadiums”

    The South is feeling the heat right about now.  Not only because it averages a scalding 96 degree daily temperature– plus a heat index– but because of the recent violence and controversy surrounding  the Confederate Flag.  It’s a tough time to be a Southerner when one rotten apple has ruined the reputation of the whole bunch. 

    Alas, with a Southerner’s favorite season just around the corner, it’s time to show the country that the South is more—much much more—than a few rotten apples. It’s time to showcase that our goal as a region is to be hospitable, neighborly, respectful and part of our communities.  Let’s go into this highly anticipated football season showing our pride more than ever and to make the Southern connotation positive, once again.  This tailgate season let’s be more hospitable than ever; let’s be respectful to our rivals (doesn’t mean we can’t still hope they lose); let’s lookout for our neighbors; and let’s join in our communities of 14 proud universities of the SEC and show the country what we are really about.

    Happy season, y’all.

    Xs and Os,

    Christie Leigh


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  • Are you Ready? Ole Miss is a Must See

    Nov 23, 2011 CATEGORIES: Gridiron Belles: A Guide to Saturdays in Dixie, LSU Fans, LSU Football, MS, Ole Miss, Ole Miss Football, SEC Football, Southern Belles, Southern Women, Uncategorized

    Where all the fancy traditions began...

    A weekend in Oxford leaves a grown Belle wishing for more time in undergrad and more time to shop for the perfect game day outfit.  If you’ve never been to Ole Miss, below is what you’ll expect.  Go a head and add it to your list, it’s one SEC sight you wont want to miss!


    Silver. A typical tailgate in the Grove has more silver than a Southern Belle’s wedding registry.  From chaffing dishes to chandeliers and every candelabra in between, no tailgate in the Grove is complete without something worth shining!

    The Grove Country Club. GCC T-shirts anyone?

    Place holder. This is different than the place kicker found on the field. The place holder in the Grove is the designated member of your group, or a hired local or college student, to head to the Grove on Friday night and wait. And wait. And wait until the regulations are lifted and tents can be put up for Saturday’s game. This duty is not taken lightly. With only 10 acres for tailgating, getting a primo spot is as important as shining the silver.

    Booming economy. The beauty of a seven PM game is the full day you have to be at the historic square in Oxford.  The beautiful courthouse centered in downtown Oxford creates a Southern feel for shopping, eating and people watching.  With the standard of wardrobes in line with Milly, Tory Burch and Lily Pulitzer, it appears that Oxford, MS has gone unscathed by any economic turmoil!

    Looks like we all can just get along

    Crazy LSU Fans. Would an LSU away game be the same without crazy fans that travel with the team?  Nope, of course not!  As expected, the fans in purple and gold showed up in droves and provided plenty of entertainment.  Honey Badger anyone?  Purple and gold headgear at a cocktail party on game day-eve?

    Jim the Tailgater and Stan the Man meet again. This time, with Colonel Red as a generous host!

    Teaching the young gents how to become rabid, I mean avid fans!

    A half time mass exodus. The upside of having the number one team in the country come to your field is that you don’t have to travel to be a part of history. The downside to having the number one team in the country come to your stadium is the likelihood that they are going to have significantly more points than your team.  In which case, a mass exodus at half time is required in order to get to your tailgate or the hot spots in the square.

    Self explanatory. I would agree that the Grove was more fun at this point as well...

    Greatest gameday outfits in the south. As part of the admissions application process at Ole Miss, university administrators do a thorough background check into your style and fashion sense. Hence, why every belle that attends the University of Mississippi is dressed for a runway. On game day. It truly is a sea of beautiful belles showing off their respect for the team by well coordinated outfits.  What’s more is that visiting belles also step up their wardrobe game—if it’s going to be a rivalry, let’s make it a good looking rivalry!

    All colors and styles of wardrobes wanted in The Grove!

    Thanks for showing this Gridiron Belle a great time, Oxford.  Hotty Toddy!

    Xs and Os,

    Christie Leigh

    PS- While everyone at the LSU v Ole Miss game was worried about game day outfits and leaving the stadium at half time, there were some major upsets going on around the country.  Belles, be sure to check out the BCS standings and how the SEC now has spots 1, 2, and 3!

  • Lilly Pulitzer Teams Up With Gridiron Belles

    Aug 18, 2011 CATEGORIES: Lilly Pulitzer and Gridiron Belles, Ole Miss, SEC Football, Southern Belles

    Lilly and Gridiron Belles Austin

    Isn't that a perfect Ole Miss dress? Come buy your Lilly game day dress!

    There are few things better than looking and feeling prepared for SEC game day.  Be it your well thought out wardrobe choice of team colors or your understanding of Xs and Os for how to tailgate like a pro.

    This Saturday, from 12-6pm at the Lilly Pulitzer store at the Domain in Austin, TX, you can become fully prepared for game day!

    I”ll be there helping belles figure out the best outfit for their team’s stadium and signing a few books.  Did I mention, it’s tax free weekend here in Austin?

    Come on and get ready for kickoff!

    Xs and Os,

    Christie Leigh

  • Thank Heaven for Ole Miss

    Oct 25, 2010 CATEGORIES: Auburn, Ole Miss

    Previously, I’ve always been thankful for The Grove. I’ve always been thankful for the standard Rebel fans have set for the rest of the SEC in dress, class and ability to tailgate.

    Presently, I am beyond grateful for Ole Miss’ talent on the gridiron. For the past three weeks the number one ranked teams have been 0-for-3 in winning their game during the week of their reign.

    Like I said, I love Ole Miss. I do. Truly. What I love even more is Auburn’s scheduled match up against a 3-4 Ole Miss on Saturday.

    Do I think Auburn can win? Without a doubt. Do I think Ole Miss is capable of an upset? Absolutely—just ask any Gator fan about last season.

    My point is that I despise being ranked #1. I would rather be #2 and provide the upset at the title game.

    But I don’t always get what I want. And in college football, getting what you want obviously requires more than a deal with the devil.But, I guarantee that the Auburn nation will be wearing that same Bible Belt they had on last week.

    This time it will just have to prove capable of not only providing a W on the field but a compass to “lead Auburn fans not to temptation” in the Grove before kick off.


  • Two words: Emotional Phenomenon

    Oct 15, 2010 CATEGORIES: Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, Florida, Georgia, LSU, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, SEC, South Carolina, Vanderbilt

    Thanks to my new Alabama friend, Warren, the Emotional Phenomenon of the SEC has been brought to my attention.

    An emotional phenomenon occurs when all common sense flies out the window and emotions allow individuals and entire fandoms to act illogically.  Ie: Florida fans cheering vehemently for a Gamecocks victory over Alabama.

    Florida fans, naturally still grieving their castration from Alabama the previous week, were grieved stricken. Severely. We call this post stress disorder; Warren calls it an Emotional Phenomenon.

    To avoid falling victim to the foolish spectacle of the Emotional Phenomenon, read about your team below to see who you should and should NOT be cheering for this weekend.

    Vandy (SAT scores don’t count) at Georgia

    Vandy Fan: You likely thinking this a chance to secure an SEC win. The dawgs from Athens aren’t exactly putting up an aggressive fight this season. You are cheering for the Vols to lose out. Which, might not require too much effort on your part. But don’t worry, if you took a big study break and headed to Athens at least you’ll learn how to tailgate and show school spirit.

    Georgia Fan: Bring on the protein enriched kibbles and bits, this is your big chance to take down the lone private school team in the league AND make it look like Coach Richt should keep his job. Which, may not make you smarter, but it should help your ranks.

    Cheer for Old Rocky Top to win out. Yikes.

    Arkansas(12) v Auburn (7)

    Auburn Fan: You are hoping that the Tigers seal the deal early and that Cam can keep up his half-season-long-endurance of carrying most of the team. But, you’re actually a bit nervous because Arkansas gave those other Alabama kids a good run for their money. Alas, you’re not just farm and agg kids, you can beat Arkansas and BAMA any day, right? Auburn’s been scraping by—cross your fingers, wear your lucky underwear, follow every superstition. You’re cheering for someone to win at the UK v USC game… you’ve beaten both, it doesn’t matter. And, of course, you’re always cheering for a BAMA loss.

    Arkansas Fan: You’re ready for revenge against anyone playing football in the state of Alabama AND you know this is your best ranking/season in a long time. Do the razors on the back of the hogs prevent a Heisman hopeful carry all of the pressure? You think so. You’ve got the whole package this year. This is the new Arkansas v BAMA game… But now you’re cheering for BAMA to win ( against Ole Miss).

    McNeese State(who?) at LSU (10)

    *Probably scheduled years ago to give LSU a mid season boost because let’s face it, no one thought LSU was going to be undefeated this far into the season this year. Not even Lucky-Les.

    LSU Fan: You are following suit and making deals with the devil that every other SEC team loses, especially Auburn, South Carolina and Alabama. Florida, you actually want to win now. I know, it’s crazy, but each team is selfish until we all gather and chant S-E-C …

    McNeese State Fan: You’re just glad your school’s name was finally posted on

    South Carolina (10) at Kentucky (basketball rankings don’t come out until later)

    South Carolina Fan: The Cocks are fired up and they need to be. Kentucky almost tasted victory last week against USC rival (and victor) Auburn and they are itching for more. Alas, Spurrier has his boys right where they need to be—playing a basketball team coming off his biggest win with South Carolina. South Carolina needs Alabama AND Auburn to keep winning—ultimately one of them will lose in the Iron Bowl and South Carolina wants to be the next best thing.

    Kentucky Fan: You’re hoping your Wildcats are still hungry for a win on the gridiron and not just at the racetrack before the game. It’s time to let go of the wins over cardinals and hill topers, these Cocks and the SEC play real football. Focus on football for 6 more weeks, I promise basketball season is coming and the bad dream will soon be over. Oh, and by the way, you need Ole Miss to win out to help you. Sorry, Charlie Cats.

    Mississippi State at Florida (22)

    Mississippi State Fan: You can taste a huge SEC victory. But this is more than the players on the field, this is Mullen v Meyer. Coach Mullen, as nice of a guy that he is, is going to have to pull out all the stops to prove to his mentor ( Mullen coached with Meyer at Bowling Green and Florida) that he was taught well. Beware bulldogs, they don’t bite, they chomp. You need to cheer for yourselves… !!

    Mississippi (Ha!) at Alabama (8):

    BAMA Fan: You’ve never been happier to be playing some preps from the Delta. You are about to get out all of your frustration on kids that go to college just to dress up and party. As a BAMA fan, you can relate to the dress up and party part but your bragging rights come from actually winning on the football field. Do not, under any circumstances, lose this game. For the sake of the prestige of SEC football and any hopes of turning 13 into 14 (EVER), do NOT lose this game. Cheer for Auburn to win so you can have a shot to redeem yourself when you play the #1 SEC team at the Iron Bowl.

    Ole Miss Fan: Let’s face it, you came to tailgate with Alabama. You’ve heard The Quad rivals The Grove and you want to see what it’s all about. This football thing is just to pass the time before all of the pretty Greek co-eds head to Galettes. Go ahead, skip the kool-aid, drink a Yellow Hammer, you know you just watched one of the best football teams in the country and probably sang along during “Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer.”