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  • SEC Championship Wardrobes

    Dec 7, 2013 CATEGORIES: Gridiron Belles: A Guide to Saturdays in Dixie, SEC Championship, SEC Football

    We tried to cover every team this year in the wardrobe department.  Today, it comes down what you are wearing to support Auburn and Mizzou in the Georgia Dome to decide the new SEC Championships.

    We apologize for the repeats, but we’re pretty proud of both 11-1 schedules so we’ll make the exceptions!

    MIZ-ZOU and War Eagle!

    Xs and Os,

    Christie Leigh



  • BAMA Gent Meets Auburn Belle

    Nov 27, 2012 CATEGORIES: Alabama SEC Football, Gridiron Belles: A Guide to Saturdays in Dixie, SEC Championship, SEC Football, Southern Football

    Once upon a time in a land far far away… boy meets girl, and they lived happily ever after.

    Not so fast.

    Once upon two or so months ago, in the SEC, BAMA gent meets Auburn belle, and they lived happily apart on game days.

    First contact, BAMA gent comments on a kayaking Auburn-clad belle:   “Tip her over… Roll Tide!”

    Second date options from BAMA gent:  “Do you want to grab casual drinks? A fancy dinner? Or re-watch the 2011 National Title game?”

    Fast forward two months, BAMA gent’s stipulations when making Thanksgiving weekend plans: “I’m free all weekend except Saturday at 3:30 p.m. And I have to watch it with BAMA people.  And no, I won’t kiss you goodbye while you’re wearing orange.”

    So the debate continues over the sanity of dating a staunch fan of the other team. 

    While I proudly wore navy and orange during the Iron Bowl and even forwent smooches from my Tide-obsessed date, I started to wonder about the SEC championship.  Do I pack my houndstooth and wave a crimson shaker in the Dome? (After all, I do think Alabama has a better chance of winning the national title and I’d love nothing more than the SEC to exhaust the number 7 while bragging…) If his team loses does that mean everyone has to suffer his agony?  I’ve been losing all season, maybe I could help him cope…?

    And so goes the story of a heavy-hearted gridiron belle. Where are the Xs and Os for my next play?  Only time will tell in the never-ending dilemma of gridiron-romance.

    “Xs and Os”

    Christie Leigh

  • A Saturday in Tuscaloosa

    Nov 7, 2011 CATEGORIES: AL, Alabama, Alabama SEC Football, Gridiron Belles Tour, Gridiron Belles: A Guide to Saturdays in Dixie, LSU Football, Nick Saban, SEC Championship, Southern Belles

    GameDay set up in front of Bryant-Denny

    If I was ever concerned that the Alabama football nation was going to grow out of the houndstooth trend and start wearing khaki pants like Saban, I’ve since been reassured otherwise. Houndstooth is the easiest way to identify an Alabama fan and there was no shortage on Saturday in the crowd of 200,000 plus fans that converged on T-Town.

    Mama and Ms. Campbell showing off their houndstooth

    In addition to the presence of houndstooth, no tailgate was complete without some sort of sign about Les Miles eating grass, a pun on what LSU players do with grass and some sort of insult of what the Crimson Tide was planning to do on the astro-grass .  I personally find a lot of entertainment in reading the clever signs that fans make for their tailgate décor.  In fact, if you have any good fan-signs, send’em in!

    Leave it to the law school...

    The new statue on the walk of legends is of Coach Saban. When the news covered Tide fans complaining about coach Saban’s clown-sized-bronze-shoes, I didn’t understand. Upon further review, the ruling on the field stands,  his shoes are a little large for a rather small framed man.  I do, however, think the statue captures his spirit and enthusiasm and gave me chills just thinking about his success as a coach.  And just to be sure that no one messed with his big feet, there were more security guards for these statues than on the field during the game!

    Bama Belles paying their respects

    With months of anticipation surrounding the meeting of these two power houses, I was dreaming of fanatical fan bases battling it out pre-kickoff and a game with a little bit of offense.  What I found was the largest gathering of well mannered fan bases in the history of college football! Yes, I just wrote that. I just categorized LSU as well-mannered and included the Tide. Hell has officially frozen over. Pigs now have wings. The pope is no longer Catholic.

    This was a display of unprecedented respectful fraternizing with the enemy.  I suppose it’s because neither team had too much room to talk.  60 minutes could change LSU’s entire season and the only reason Alabama wasn’t number one was because they had not yet played LSU.  It was amazing.  It was impressive.  I was so proud of both teams.

    She didn't tell me she was grilling tiger. Just grilling for the game

    The game was phenomenal. Every snap was worth holding my breath.  Every play that I stood was worth the agonizing pain in my tuckered-out feet.   Simply being in the stadium was enough for this Belle. It was history in the making. What made it better was sitting with my Mama and Dad in Bryant-Denny stadium while they experienced their Saturday in Tuscaloosa.

    Thanks, Mama and Dad for making the trip!

    What a show, Tide fans, what a show.

    Xs and Os,

    Christie Leigh


  • T’was almost the night before Christmas…

    Nov 3, 2011 CATEGORIES: Alabama, Gridiron Belles Tour, LSU, SEC Championship, SEC Stadium Tour, Southern Belles


    What you need to know about  this weekend in Tuscaloosa (Click above for a to-the-second-countdown-to-madness)

    1) Swoozies is hosting a Gridiron Belles book signing on Thursday,  Nov 3 at their Birmingham location in the Summit. They will be offering two prizes for RSVPing to and attending–a signed copy of Gridiron Belles and a personalized Tailgate Party Pack! Be sure to get your name in the drawing by coming by, I’d love to meet you!

    Plus!  There is a competition between Auburn and Alabama fans to send in the most responses… I have to dress in the winning team’s colors!

    Come by the Swoozies store in Birmingham on Thursday night5-7!

    2) Gridiron Belles is kicking off the Alabama week with a Friday morning appearance on Birmingham’s CBS 42 “Wake Up Alabama”  at 6:00AM.  If for some reason you are already up, tune in!

    3) I’ll be heading to Tuscaloosa early on Friday morning to stop by Buffalo Phil’s, Dreamland BBQ and Rama Jama.  Please send in info if I should be going anywhere else?  I’ll be tailgate hopping around the Quad on Saturday so let me know where you’ll be so I can come visit and take pictures for the next book!

    This clever and talented BAMA fan is a third grader from Mobile. His teacher gave him an "A," the artist is hoping for a "W."

    4) Just to get you excited, here are some articles that people have sent in about this weekend’s historical matchup. My feet keep dancing and my head wont stop signing a special  combined rendition of “Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer” and “Hey Fightin’ Tigers.”


    Articles to read:

    Sports Illustrated

    And the Valley Shook Blog

    ESPN- click on inside Alabama

    Who is Honey Badger? Find out

    I always love reading this BAMA blog

    See you in Tuscaloosa!

    Xs and Os,

    Christie Leigh

    PS- I can’t really endorse the foul mouthed commentary on the YouTube Honey Badger video, but if you happened to find it, it may help you make the connection about a honey badger and Mr. Matieu



  • Duck Season

    Jan 10, 2011 CATEGORIES: Auburn, Cam Newton, SEC Championship

    It’s been five weeks since I’ve seen my Auburn Tigers play. I’ve watch a handful of SEC teams walk over opponents this bowl season. I’ve also watched a few fall short of carrying on SEC domination.

    I’ll admit, it feels like anything could happen tonight when the # 1 ranked Auburn Tigers take on the #2 ranked Oregon Ducks in Glendale for the Crystal Football.

    As a strong believer in karma, I’ve concluded that being overly cocky and rather boisterous about premature claims to the crystal football will only lead to an unwelcomed outcome.

    No, Duck fans, this does not mean I am scared. (in fact, you should be scared because I’m going duck hunting next weekend with or without a crystal football).

    This does not mean that your defense is better, faster, or more prepared. In fact, I strongly believe the opposite. Y’all have never seen the likes of Cam Newton or felt the sheer tenacity of Nick Fairly. Oh, did I mention Kodi Burns we’ve got too?

    My karma beliefs do mean that I am doing everything in my power to up my Karma. Example: Friday, I let a Duck fan into my lane of traffic during rush hour. Today, I’m hosting a 30 people watch party at my home with a Glendale atmosphere and Gridiron Belle recipes; and I’m even letting an LSU fan drink out of my sacred Auburn cups. I didn’t swear when I broke my favorite serving dish on Saturday. I even smiled and wished Urban Meyer and Nick Saban well while they were on “The Experts” Sunday on ESPN U. I put an extra 5 in plate at church.

    If karma’s not enough, I’ve been wearing my lucky Auburn t-shirt for 4 days straight (Sorry roommate). I have my SEC Championship travel outfit laid out to run errands in today and my gameday dress and scarf have just come back from the cleaners. Everything from my hair to my Auburn Orange unmentionables will be the exact same as they have been for every winning game Auburn had had this year. Wait, that’s redundant…they’ve won them all.

    The only thing different is, I’m not there. I’m not in Glendale at the pep rally. I’m not on the Plains with Pat Manning, the way I was for the AU v UGA game. I’m not in Atlanta with my Daddy like I was when they won the SEC. I’m here, in Austin. In Big 12 country. And while there is plenty of orange in this town, it’s not the right orange.

    So, I’ve done my best to bring Glendale to me. (Pictures on Tuesday)If I can’t be there with the team, I’ll just have to cheer louder to make sure they hear me!

    Oh, but in case the karma, superstitions, and luck thing are not real, this is my favorite picture of the week. 

    Good luck Ducks. You’re going to need to waddle like a bat outta … well, like a Duck outta Glendale to survive Monday night’s history making. Either way, I’ll make up for any discrepancies next weekend from the duck blind.


  • “Aint nothing like’em nowhere!”

    Dec 10, 2010 CATEGORIES: Alabama, Food, SEC Championship

    Until last weekend, Dreamland BBQ only lived in story books. At least it didn’t yet live in my book. I had heard that no trip through Alabama was complete without a detour to fill up on ribs and sweet tea, so I made the stop.

    Dreamland BBQ is a rib-icon in the world of BAMA fans. As an Auburn fan who went to school in the notorious BBQ haven of Memphis, TN and who has a best friend who continually wins contests for his BBQing skills, you could say I was a tad skeptical of the famed Rib shop.

    The original Dreamland is in Tuscaloosa, AL but there is one of equal grandeur (license plate and neon sign décor) in Birmingham. Which is where I visited after the SEC Championship still wearing my AU face tattoo.

    The service was fast and friendly. The patrons were full and smiling. The ribs were meaty and delectable. Splitting a full slab was the perfect amount, but the secret was in the sauce.

    I may have eaten the ribs, finished the Brunswick Stew and enjoyed the vinegar slaw, but there was absolutely nothing better on the menu than the white wonder bread dipped in the left over sauce on the rib plate.

    If you don’t live in Tuscaloosa and don’t have an award winning BBQing friend nearby, have no fear. Dreamland sends their culinary talent wherever UPS delivers. Who says a loaf of Wonderbread and Dreamland sauce isn’t a complete meal? (

    Auburn fan at Dreamland BBQ, “I guess something good did come out of Tuscaloosa after all.” Lesson here? Even after beating Alabama and winning the SEC Championship, never pass up a chance to take a dig at Alabama. (Even though Alabama has 13 SEC Champs to Auburn’s 6)

  • What are the pre-GA Dome festivities?

    Dec 1, 2010 CATEGORIES: Atlanta, SEC Championship

    Just like South Carolina, this will be my first trip to Atlanta for the SEC Championship game.

    Needless to say, similarly to South Carolina, I’m a little nervous and not exactly sure what to expect.

    Where will fans gather before kickoff of the most important game of the season? Where will we all go to celebrate our team’s win or commiserate our team’s loss?

    For any other team in the conference I can tell you exactly where to go, what to order, who you’ll see and how to navigate the town and stadium. But Atlanta? I don’t have a clue.

    So I ask you, fellow Gridiron Belles and Gents, what does one do in Atlanta before, during and after the game?

    Please send me an e-mail at with ideas, suggestions and previous experiences of the SEC Championship weekend.
    Perhaps there are a few Auburn and South Carolina fans that would also benefit from LSU, Florida or Alabama fans who have gone to Atlanta a time or two… After all, we are all going to be singing S-E-C in the end, aren’t we?