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    Jan 31, 2014 CATEGORIES: Gridiron Belles: A Guide to Saturdays in Dixie, Super Bowl Dip Recipes, Super Bowl Rundown

    With only two days until kick-off, we know you’re planning your game time spread and studying up on what you should know about The Big Game. We are helping you out.

    Here at Gridiron Belles, we don’t claim to be gourmet chefs so we’ve collected three of our easiest game day snacks (mostly from Pinterest) to inspire you. We kept them simple because, well, we like simple recipes that make us look good and taste even better.  These are all self-explanatory– just make them look like a football!










    You also need to know the background on The Big Game to stay relevant in game time and post game day conversations about commercials, quarterbacks (and so much more).  We were going to tell you everything we know about football (which is a lot), but our friends at theSkimm, aren’t busy writing a second book like we are and they went ahead and provided a run down as well as any Gridiron Belle could.  So we are sharing that with YOU. (see below and link above) They really did a great job.

    Remember, know enough about the game to chat about it with all other guests– just not during the game– or, wait, yes, you’re better off chatting during the game on Sunday than the highly anticipated commercials.

    Xs and Os,

    Christie Leigh

    theSkimm’s Guide to the Super Bowl

    THE STORY: Are you ready for some football?! Yes or no, Super Bowl XLVIII is here.

    HANG ON, DOING MATH. It’s number 48. There is one Manning, two teams, and lots of parties. And someone will get a ring at the end of the night. It’s still not you.

    WHEN IS IT? Sunday after brunch. 6:30 ET. Watch it on Fox. Or if you prefer your computer to a bar, it’s live streaming on Fox’s sports app.

    WHO’S GOING? The Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos. And Richard Sherman’s ego (see below). Yup, the only two states who have legalized recreational use of marijuana are in the Super Bowl.

    DOES THE WINNER GET SOMETHING GOOD? Rings and a parade. The MVP usually takes a trip to Disney World. So basically your eight-year-old self would be the happiest person ever. If the Broncos win, Mike Adams will walk to his hometown of Paterson, NJ, wearing his helmet and pads, because growing up people told him he’d never get out.

    WHERE IS IT? New York City — just kidding. Although Times Square did become Super Bowl Boulevard, the game is actually in East Rutherford, NJ. Nope, the Northeast still doesn’t get warm in February. And yes, it’s vortexing. But apparently there is such a thing as Football Gods, because the low is only expected to be a balmy 28 degrees.

    SOMEONE TOLD ME IT’S IN OMAHA? No. But you will hear that a lot because Peyton Manning likes to call it during games to keep the defense guessing. And us. Don’t ask questions.

    DO I KNOW ANYONE GOING? We just told you– a Manning. The Peytonone. He is the Broncos QB1 and coming off one of the best seasons in NFL history. He’s 37 which means he’s an elder in football years. And has had four neck surgeries. Ouch.

    WHO’S THE GUY EVERYONE KEEPS TALKING ABOUT? Richard Sherman. He made headlines two weeks ago for his post-game interview, during which he had a lot of things to say about opponent Michael Crabtree. Love him or hate him, he’s very impressive– he’s from Compton and made it to Stanford. Then was a 5th round NFL pick. Now, he’s the best cornerback in the league — just ask him… and Beats.

    IS IT HALF TIME YET? The Peyton Manning of opera– Renee Fleming– will perform the national anthem and bring some class to your nachos and beer. Bruno Mars, and not Bruce Springsteen, has the Pepsi Halftime Show honor. The Red Hot Chili Peppers will join him. We miss last year. #BringBackBey

    PROMISE NO MATH? Surprise. Four quarters. Touchdown: 6; Field goal: 3; Safety: 2; Extra point: come on…

    CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE ADS YET? Ad Bowl is backScarlett Johanssontook things too far for SodaStream by dissing Pepsi and Coke, so Fox reportedly banned her commercial. For that, and not the suggestive straw sucking. This year, Anna Kendrick is “beer girl hot.” Budweiser has one with a Clydesdale and a puppy because they know how to get to us. Chobani will debut its first ad run with the big boys. But Dannon may win Yogurt Bowl because they’re reuniting “Full House” — and Uncle Jesse already brought back his mullet.

    WHAT’S IN THIS FOR ME? Food. And potentially cash money. The simplest way is to bet on the “money line” — AKA who wins or loses. Or you can bet on what the spread will be (see below). If you want to get fancy, there are LOTS of other things you can bet on. These are called “prop bets.” Skimm HQ is betting taking out the trash on how many times the word ‘legacy’ will be said about Peyton.

    WHAT’S THE SPREAD? No, not talking about your crudite. It refers to the expected spread between the team’s final scores. Vegas favors the Broncos by 3.

  • From “Eh” dips to a Super Bowl Rundown

    Feb 3, 2012 CATEGORIES: Gridiron Belles: A Guide to Saturdays in Dixie, SEC Football, Southern Belles, Super Bowl Dip Recipes, Super Bowl Rundown

    I didn’t like this week’s posts either.  My most sincere apologies for bland posts. For one, I’m over the dips–Sorry, Momo.  And I’m certainly over the Super Bowl.

    It was a down blog week thanks to all of the other great things going on here at Gridiron Belles HQ!  (More about that later. Just know that I am going on an official visit to Mizzou on Monday and Tuesday!)

    This week, I pretended that Gridiron Belles needed to care deeply about the Super Bowl.  We just don’t. At least not nearly as much as we needed to be reviewing notes from national signing day. (Saturday Down South Recap)

    Alas, no Gridiron Belle should attend a watch party without knowing a little bit about the game on the big screen.   The basics still apply: Do your research on, follow sports enthusiast on twitter and remember that the Super Bowl is always more about the food, commercials and never-a-dull-moment-half time show!

    Quick Facts Before Sunday:

    • This is Super Bowl XLVI (46)
    • Kick off is at 6:29pm EST
    • The game is being  played in Indianapolis, IN
    • The two teams playing are the New York Giants and the New England Patriots
    • These two teams also played in 2008 when the Giants upset the Patriots’ perfect season
    • Eli Manning is the QB for the New York Giants. Eli is often referred to as “Little Brother” because his big brother is Peyton Manning… who has just been cleared to play after a season ending neck injury.
    • Ole Miss is Eli Mannings alma-matter.  And his father’s, Archie Manning.
    • Gisel’s husband is the QB for the Patriots . He is often referred to as Tom Brady.
    • Brady’s better half on the field, Rob Gronkoski (TE), had a sprained ankle… according to Patriots coach, Bill Belichick (the guy on the sideline always wearing an inappropriately casual hooded sweatshirt), Gronkoski is OK to play. He thinks.
    • Madonna is performing the half time show.  Apparently at one point she sits bedazzled on a thrown. The article also says the Ceelo Green is involved with his own bedazzeling.  I’m going to probably watch while standing up so I can leave the room without much effort when I get embarrassed for the duo.
    • Standard watch game etiquette applies: Don’t show up empty handed, be social- but not at the cost of running the game for others, send your host a thank you note!
    • Rule Change: During this game, pour your drinks, fill your plates and use the restroom during the game.  You know all anyone talks about on Monday is the commercials!

    Enjoy the last football game for a looong time!

    Xs and Os,

    Christie Leigh


  • Bean Dip Delight(s)

    Feb 2, 2012 CATEGORIES: Georgia Football, Gridiron Belles: A Guide to Saturdays in Dixie, SEC Football, Southern Football, Super Bowl Dip Recipes

    Finally, something fresh at a watch party!

    Use your pageant wave to say goodbye to fruit and vegetable trays (at least for today).  The recipes below are healthy alternatives for anyone watching their belle and gent figures.  Exchange Fritos for whole wheat or baked chips and you’re all set for feeling great before, during and after the big game!


    Don’t forget to tell me what you think or send in some of your own–

    Xs and Os,

    Christie Leigh

    Cat Snack Kentucky fans Lynne and Abigail

    2 cans(15 oz) black beans drained

    1 can (15 oz) white sweet corn drained

    2 cans (15 oz) diced tomatoes drained

    1 teaspoon (approx 4 pods) chopped garlic

    ¼ medium red onion

    1 teaspoon salt

    ½  bunch cilantro

    ½ teaspoon cayenne pepper

    Sprinkle of red pepper flakes

    Juice of half of lime.

    Drain beans, tomatoes and corn. Pull cilantro off of stems. Combine all ingredients into large bowl and mix thoroughly.  Continue to add salt, pepper and seasonings until taste is to your liking!  Serve chilled with chips of choice.


    Go DAWGS Bean Dip Sent in by UGA fan

    1 can black beans (drained and rinsed)

    1 can white corn (drained)

    2 bunches green onions chopped

    6 oz crumbled feta cheese

    1/3 cup olive oil

    1/3 cup apple cider vinegar

    1/3 cup sugar

    Salt, pepper & garlic powder to taste

    Combine all ingredients into large bowl. Mix well.  Serve with  Tostitos ”Scoops” for ease of eating….


  • What’s a dip without sausage and cream cheese?

    Feb 1, 2012 CATEGORIES: Food, Gridiron Belles: A Guide to Saturdays in Dixie, SEC Football, Southern Belles, Southern Football, Super Bowl Dip Recipes

    I want to hate it, but I love it...

    There seems to be no shortage of cream cheese or sausage on game days in Dixie.  Us Southerners are nothing if we don’t know how to get things to stick to the ribs of our beloveds. Here are two recipes where cream cheese and sausage marry once again.  You tell me if they are crowd pleasers!

    Xs and Os,

    Christie Leigh


    O-Line Sausage Dip Sent in by: Arkansas fan Matthew

    1 package Jimmy Dean Extra Sage sausage

    8 oz cream cheese

    1 can extra chunky Rotel



    Brown sausage in a frying pan. Drain grease from skillet. Drain Rotel can, add to skillet. With heat still on, add cream cheese and stir thoroughly. Once melted, pour into dish, serve warm with Tostitos or Fritos. Really, people will eat this with a spoon.


    Tennessee Crack Dip Sent in by Tennessee fan Lindsay

    2 blocks of Philadelphia cream cheese

    1 lb of maple flavored sausage

    1 can of hot Rotel



    Brown the sausage and strain grease.  Drain can of Rotel.  In a crockpot, combine cream cheese, Rotel and browned sausage. Stir together. Serve with Frito Scoops when warm.


  • Dip, baby, dip!

    Jan 31, 2012 CATEGORIES: Food, Gridiron Belles: A Guide to Saturdays in Dixie, LSU Football, SEC Football, Southern Belles, Southern Women, Super Bowl Dip Recipes

    Super Bowl Sunday is all about the dips.

    At least  that’s what my grandmother, the woman who taught me all about football, told me yesterday. “We’re having a Super Bowl party at my house. I’m fixing two types of chili and a lot of dips. You know, the Super Bowl is all about dips, sweetheart.”

    And so it is; the big game for NFL fans is all about dips.  We SEC fans know that every game is a game started with a full spread of decadent dips. Thankfully, during this season’s tour, I’ve had the opportunity to taste my fair share of the talented chefs across Dixie!

    This week, I’ll be posting some of the dips that you have graciously sent my way for my next project. Before they are printed, however, I’ll need them tested and rated– which is where you come in!  Please try out the recipes that I post this week and let me know what you think (Is it tasty? Was it easy? Is it a crowd pleaser? Would you give it to another Gridiron Belle?).

    If you have any recipes that you want tested or used in the next Gridiron Belles project, please send them in and I’ll try out your recipe at my Super Bowl dip party!

    Thanks for all of your helps, I’m looking forward to receiving all of your gridiron masterpieces!

    Xs and Os

    Christie Leigh

    Nanette’s (LSU) Tiger Corn Dip:

    3 (11 ounce) cans Mexican-style corn, drained

    1 cup mayonnaise

    1 cup sour cream

    1 bunch green onions, chopped

    1/2 cup chopped fresh cilantro

    1 pound Cheddar cheese, shredded

    1 pack taco seasoning

    1 teaspoon fresh lime juice

    1 teaspoon ground cumin

    1 pinch cayenne pepper, or to taste 1 pinch salt


    In a large serving bowl, stir together the corn, mayonnaise, sour cream, green onions, cilantro, Cheddar cheese and lime juice. Season with cumin, cayenne pepper and salt. Stir to blend in seasonings, then refrigerate until chilled before serving.

    We always share this dip with fans from opposing schools in an effort to help soothe their impending loss! We’ve met more fun people from other schools over food and drinks. Some have even returned each year to tailgate with us!