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  • Game Time Week XIV

    Nov 27, 2014 CATEGORIES: Auburn v Georgia, Gridiron Belles: A Guide to Saturdays in Dixie, LSU Football, SEC Football


    We may have given you last week off, but we are hoping you still caught some of the Mizzou v Tennessee game and the Ole Miss v Arkansas upset. This weekend, you most certainly do not have a bye week. In fact, if there was ever a Saturday (and Friday and Thursday) to truly dedicate to the Gridiron,  this is the weekend.

    Rivalry weekend isn’t just another Saturday. In fact, it’s Friday and Thursday, too, making it that much more glorious. Triple the days, triple the excitement.  Clear your dishes in record time, do your Black Friday shopping early, pull out the left overs for game day snacks, and put on your most comfortable team-colored clothes. These 72 hours are a marathon of all things college football and you don’t want to miss a minute.

    Wishing you all a thank-full Thanksgiving!

    Xs and Os,

    Christie Leigh

    Thursday, November 27

    7:30pm               LSU @ Texas A&M

    Friday, November 28

    2:30pm              Arkansas @ Missouri (No.17)

    Saturday, November 29

    12:00pm           Georgia Tech (No. 16) @ Georgia (No.9)

                                 South Carolina @ Clemson (No. 21)

                                 Kentucky @ Louisville (No. 22)

    3:30pm               Florida @ Florida State (No.3)

                                  Mississippi State (No. 4) @ ole Miss (No.19)

     4:00pm             Tennessee @ Vanderbilt

    7:45pm               Auburn (No.15)  @ Alabama (No. 1)


  • Game Time Week 13

    Nov 21, 2014 CATEGORIES: Gridiron Belles: A Guide to Saturdays in Dixie, Mississippi State

    More cowbell, please!

    Tis the season… not only for Thanksgiving cooking and almost Christmas carols… but the season for  the SEC to take an easy week. 

    We hate to say it this late in the season when rankings are jumping and playoff predictions (almost) mean something, but it’s true.  This is week 13.  The week before THE BIG WEEKEND and everyone is resting up.  So go ahead, make plans on Saturday, catch the highlights. We aren’t judging if you aren’t glued to the TV for the entire day of mediocre match ups.  

    Happy Game Day Eve!

    Xs and Os,

    Christie Leigh

    PS- Don’t forget to submit your tailgate photos like the belle above did!

     12:00pm               Charleston Southern @ Georgia (No.10)

                                      Eastern Kentucky @ Florida

                                      South Alabama @ South Carolina

    3:30pm                 Ole Miss (No.8) @ Arkansas

    4:00pm                 Western Carolina @ Alabama (No. 1)

    7:00pm                 Samford @ Auburn (No.14)

    7:30pm                 Vanderbilt @ Mississippi State (No. 4)

                                      Missouri (No. 20) @ Tennessee


  • Game Time(s) Week 11

    Nov 7, 2014 CATEGORIES: Gridiron Belles: A Guide to Saturdays in Dixie, LSU Football, Nick Saban, SEC Football, Southern Tailgating, Tailgating

    They don’t call it the Bible Belt for nothing! Ole Miss is getting it’s rest on Saturday while they play Presbyterian at noon—don’t change your plans for this one.  Our adoration for the DAWGS and Coach Richt (what a gent!) has to take a back seat to pulling for the home team. Georgia lines up against Kentucky at noon which will potentially give Stoops’ Troops a chance to regain momentum from early in the season all the while giving the DAWGS a “can’t lose” battle.

    The Aggies head to the plains in an attempt to rattle the No. 3 Tiger’s cage.  In typical Auburn fashion, they will likely use every minute of the clock to pull off the win. Auburn fans get the faith and Aggie fans don’t start “gigging” too soon… this will be a surprisingly long game.

    The number one team in the country, Mississippi State (I still can’t believe I get to write that sentence), will put in their 3rd string against Tennessee Martin at 4pm on Saturday. A great move to rest up before the Starkville Bulldogs make the trek to Tuscaloosa next week.

    Florida at Vanderbilt may be the highlight of the season in Nashville.  With the Gators not exactly brimming with confidence and skills and Vandy looking for a win, this might actually be a good game. Might.

    The game we’ve all been waiting for has the 8pm prime time spot.  Every year this game has more on the line.  Despite LSU’s 16th spot in the rankings, expect a battle for the history books.  LSU has home field advantage, but don’t forget Saban knows how to play in Tiger Stadium as well.   For some statistical talking points, here is what Edward Aschoff from ESPN wrote.

    “Since 2007, this annual game has been decided by seven points or fewer five times, with LSU winning three of those games. Four times since 2007 the winner has worn the SEC crown. They’ve met as top-10 teams five times in that span and twice have been ranked No. 1 and No. 2. The winner played in the BCS title game four times, going 3-1, with the only loss coming at the conclusion of the 2011 season when Alabama beat LSU 21-0 in the BCS National Championship after losing “Armageddon” 9-6 at home earlier in the season.”

    Happy Game Day eve, Belles!

    Xs and Os,

    Christie Leigh

    PS- Don’t forget to send in your tailgating photos!


    12:00pm               Presbyterian @ Ole Miss (No. 11)

                                       Georgia (No. 20) @ Kentucky

    3:30pm                 Texas A&M @ Auburn (No. 3)

    4:00pm                 Tennessee Martin @ Mississippi State (No.1)

    7:30pm                  Florida @ Vanderbilt

    8:00pm                 Alabama (No. 5) @ LSU (No.16)

    Bye Weeks

    South Carolina




  • Game Time Week 9

    Oct 24, 2014 CATEGORIES: Alabama SEC Football, Gridiron Belles: A Guide to Saturdays in Dixie, Kentucky Football, LSU Football, Mississippi State, Ole Miss Football, SEC, SEC Football, South Carolina, Tennessee Football

    Sneak peek of what’s to come at the Gridiron Belle tailgate this weekend!

    We want to encourage you to get set up for game day in time for the Arkansas kick off (no SEC game should be left unappreciated), but with a non-conference match up, we just can’t suggest full schedule clearing.  We’ll be pig-sooooooie-ing as we wrap up our errands and get ready for 3:30.

    At 3:30pm on Saturday, fans in the Bluegrass will hope to recover from the merciless stomping they took from LSU last weekend… too bad this year Mississippi State is not an easy game.  Nevertheless, Stoops’ Troops have gumption. Plus, we’ll be in town with an amazing pre-gridiron spread and our fingers crossed.

    The Bengal Tigers in Baton Rouge will be in full force… tailgating, cooking and trying their damndest to knock off Ole Miss. No man, woman or child, will be spared from the taunting sound of “Tiger Bait”.  This is one of the best rivals in college football— in the parking lot AND on the gridiron. 

    For as much disdain as there is between these two schools, the Alabama v. Tennessee match up hasn’t been very exciting in recent history.   We are hoping for a good game… mainly because kickoff is at 7:30 and it just feels like those Volunteers need some hope to get through the end of the season.

    In case the BAMA game becomes a red-zone game, there will be nothing short of a battle between South Carolina and Auburn on the other channel.  Auburn is ranked, unlike Old Ball Coach and his boys, but this has “closer than it should be” written all over it. At least for the first half.

    Here is your game day schedule, enjoy!

    Xs and Os

    Christie Leigh


    12:00pm          UAB @ Arkansas

    3:30pm            Mississippi State (No. 1) @ Kentucky

    4:00pm            Vanderbilt @ Missouri

    7:15pm             Ole Miss (No. 3) @ LSU (No. 24)

    7:30pm            Alabama (No. 4) @ Tennessee

                                 South Carolina @ Auburn (No. 5)

    Bye Weeks:



    Texas A&M


  • Game Time Week VIII

    Oct 16, 2014 CATEGORIES: Alabama SEC Football, Gridiron Belles: A Guide to Saturdays in Dixie, Kentucky Football, LSU Football, Mississippi State, Ole Miss Football, SEC Football, Tailgating, Uncategorized

    These Aggie Belles Are Ready for Tuscaloosa!

    If you ever imagined that the SEC would have half of the top ten teams for Week 8, you’re a pretty realistic fan.  If you had any suspicion that the number 1 team in the country would be a team that for so long went unnoticed, unappreciated and unsupported by almost everyone outside of Starkville…. Well, you should be applying for an analyst position at ESPN. 

    Here at Gridiron Belles we couldn’t be happier for Coach Mullen (and his Gridiron Belle of a wife, Meg) for all that the Bulldogs have built and accomplished. We are also extremely impressed by Ole Miss and their ability to translate their unmatched tailgating skills into unparalleled gridiron skills.  Wow, what a season for the state of Mississippi.  We’ve never been more eager for the Egg Bowl.

    As the battle for the top continues down in the Delta, the battle for the middle is still exciting and should not go unwatched. After all, this is just Week 8 and there is a lot of football left to be played!

    Here is your weekend schedule of sure to be thrilling match ups.  (Yes, even unranked match ups can be fun).   We are banking on The Ole Ball Coach to take his dropped ranking status out on Furman so you have until 3:30 before you need to glue yourself to the flat screen.   And glue you should, BAMA should have the Aggies in the bag, but the 12th Man is hard to stop; historically speaking, LSU beats Kentucky but there is something in the Bluegrass water that is making us think an upset is brewing for Baton Rouge.


    Xs and Os,

    Christie Leigh

    12:00pm            Furman @ South Carolina

    3:30pm            Texas A&M (No.21) @ Alabama (No. 7)

    4:00pm            Georgia (No. 10) @ Arkansas

     7:00pm            Tennessee @ Ole Miss

                                  Missouri @ Florida

    7:30pm            Kentucky @ LSU


    Bye weeks


    MS. State


  • Game Time Week VI

    Oct 3, 2014 CATEGORIES: Gridiron Belles: A Guide to Saturdays in Dixie, SEC Football, Uncategorized

    If you have yet to dedicate a full Saturday to football, consider this weekend the best time to start.  With multiple Top 25 match-ups just in the SEC alone, Saturday’s gridiron line up is going to be exploding with excitement all day long.  Postpone your errands… and pretty much your life… these aren’t quite the playoffs, but it’s an SEC match day made in heaven!

    Xs and Os,

    Christie Leigh


    12:00pm               Texas A&M (No.6) @Mississippi State (No.12)

                                    Florida @ Tennessee

    3:30pm                 Alabama (No.3) @ Ole Miss (No.11)

    4:00pm                 Vanderbilt @ Georgia (No.13)

    7:00pm                 LSU (No. 15) @ Auburn (No.5)

    7:30pm                 South Carolina @Kentucky

  • Tailgate Pictures Needed!

    Sep 16, 2014 CATEGORIES: Gridiron Belles: A Guide to Saturdays in Dixie, SEC Football, Tailgating

    Send in your game day photos to be used in the second edition of Gridiron Belles!

    Breaking news: The second edition of Gridiron Belles is just around the corner!

    The writing of Gridiron Belles, Second Down is nearly finished: the rules have been changed, the content updated and current and the wardrobe suggestions up to speed.  Still needed, however, is a fresh batch of photos. Which is where you come in!  Assuming you want to be in the second edition of the book…

    If you would like your game day traditions, tailgate, wardrobe or friends pictured in the second book, please send your *photos in to . The best ones will be featured online and in print so don’t forget to snap away this weekend!

    Xs and Os,

    Christie Leigh


    *All photos should be sent to and are subject to being used in print or online for Gridiron Belles purposes of publication, promotion and website content. 

  • Game Time Week IV

    Sep 16, 2014 CATEGORIES: Uncategorized

    Alright Belles, it’s time for week four of SEC match-ups. We know last weekend was tough to stomach but that’s the beauty of the conference!   Your game day starts early this week so plan accordingly.  Don’t forget to send in your tailgate photos!

    Xs and Os,

    Christie Leigh


    Thursday, September 18

    7:30pm            Auburn (No.5) @ Kansas State (No. 20)


    Saturday, September 20

    12:00pm            Troy @ Georgia (No. 13)

    3:30pm            Florida @ Alabama (No. 3)

                              Texas A&M (No. 6) @ SMU 

    4:00pm            Indiana @ Missouri (No. 18)

    7:00pm            Mississippi State @ LSU (No. 8)

                               Northern Illinois @ Arkansas

    7:30pm            South Carolina (No. 14) @ Vanderbilt

  • Game Time Week III

    Sep 12, 2014 CATEGORIES: Gridiron Belles: A Guide to Saturdays in Dixie, SEC Football

    There is nothing like a Friday morning drool session when you look at tomorrow’s match-ups…  Here it is, Belles.  The true season has begun with one of the biggest SEC battle’s we’ve seen this season— Coach Richt, Todd Gurley and the Georgia Bulldogs head to Columbia to see the Old Ball Coach in Williams-Brice Stadium.  There will be lots of combat on the gridiron come 3:30pm ET on Saturday so tune in early and don’t leave until the last second is played.  We are also clearing our schedule for the 7:30 match-up between Kentucky and Florida because something tells us to have a little faith in Coach Stoops this year!

    Happy Game Day!

    Xs and Os,

    Christie Leigh


    Saturday, September 13

    12:00pm          UCF @ Missouri (No. 20)

                               Massachusetts @ Vanderbilt

    3:30pm            Georgia (No.6) @ South Carolina (No. 24)

                               Arkansas @Texas Tech

    4:00pm            Louisiana-Lafayette @ Ole Miss (No.14)

                                Mississippi State @ South Alabama

    6:00pm             Southern Miss at Alabama (No. 3)

    7:00pm            Louisiana-Monroe @ LSU (No.10)

    7:30pm            Kentucky at Florida

    8:00pm            Tennessee @ Oklahoma (No. 4)

    9:00pm            Rice @ Texas A&M


  • It’s Game Time Week II

    Sep 4, 2014 CATEGORIES: Gridiron Belles: A Guide to Saturdays in Dixie, SEC Football, Southern Belles

    Whew… the SEC had a remarkable week 1, congrats on making it through the off-season!

    Here is this weekend’s schedule of games that you need to be aware of.  This is one of your last “light weekends” of mostly non-conference match-ups and a few games that you can turn on at the second half.

    A Belle might not be always glued to the flat screen, but she is always acutely aware of who is on the field, who is winning and who is losing!  Keep up, Belles, the season has begun.

     Xs and Os,

    Christie Leigh

    Saturday, September 6:


    12:00pm ET            Florida Atlantic @ Alabama (No.2)

                                           Missouri (No.24) @ Toledo

                                           Arkansas State @ Tennessee


    2:00pm ET              UAB @ Mississippi State           


    3:30pm ET            Ohio @ Kentucky


    3:30pm ET            South Dakota State @ Missouri (No.24)


    4:00pm ET            Nicholls State @ Arkansas

                                         Eastern Michigan @ Florida


    4:30pm ET            Ole Miss (No.15) at Vanderbilt


    7:00pm ET            San Jose State @ Auburn (No. 5)

                                        East Carolina @ South Carolina (No. 21)


    7:30pm ET            Lamar @ Texas A&M (No.9)

                                        Sam Houston State @ LSU (No. 12)

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