Football in the south

Consider Gridiron Belles to be a fashion guide, etiquette handbook, advice column and rule book all rolled into one pretty package. You’ll be asking for more gamedays in the fall and you’ll be adding your team’s rival games to your bucket list. The rest of the country calls it football season. Down here in the South, we call it heaven. And we don't let anything get in the way of us getting to the pearly gates.

Christie Leigh

Christie Leigh is passionate about few things more than SEC football.  Committed to perfect game day outfits; dedicated to setting up award-winning tailgates;  convinced that four quarters is the ideal time and environment for teaching our kin about manners and chivalrous expectations; confident she can hold her own in any football conversation,  Christie Leigh stops at nothing to make sure her football season is a winning season. And she's not alone. Christie Leigh's favorite company is a Gridiron Belle who is stands by her team and doesn't chit chat during 3rd and 2.  Thankfully that's most of the belles she's encountered throughout the south!


About Gridiron Belles

Gridiron Belles: A Guide to Saturdays in Dixie debuted in 2011. Considered to be a travel guide through the stadiums and tailgates of the South, Gridiron Belles provided every Southern Belle with the must-knows for becoming a Gridiron Belle. Whether you had yet to develop a team allegiance, you reveled in polishing the silver before kickoff, or you call pass interference before the official does, this guide to the South’s most lively tradition was a must-read. Sold out in 2013, Christie Leigh is spending this season fine tuning the best tailgate spots and tricks for her new book due out in May, 2018.