Christie Leigh Mueller


Christie Leigh was born and raised a Kentucky Belle, where she took a liking to the gridiron long before she took a liking to dressing up in pearls. She has spent the last four seasons on the road visiting all 14 SEC stadiums conducting research on each school’s tailgating traditions, rituals and unspoken wardrobe rules.

Christie Leigh graduated from Rhodes College in Memphis, Tenn., (Southern in every sense of the word minus the football connotations), where she became aware that not all of her girlfriends or Kappa Delta sorority sisters understood football. After four years of contemplating how she was going to rescue her friends from missing out on the joys of Saturdays in the fall, Christie Leigh decided to take action. Voila! Gridiron Belles.

Christie Leigh is a business etiquette consultant who currently splits her time living in Austin, Texas (Big 12 Country that she enjoys leaving during the fall) and Louisville, Ky. She spends her falls on the road touring through SEC towns promoting her book and hosting tailgates on Saturdays.